Bush Wins Over Kerry...

No, I'm not talking about Bush's win over Kerry on November 2, I'm talking about a "contest" of sorts nearly 40 years ago.

Both John Kerry and George W. Bush attended Yale, yet, it is John Kerry who was considered the "intellectual" during the heated presidential contest. As newly released point out, Bush not only beat Kerry at the polls, but also on his report card.

I keep thinking of the good old Jib Jab cartoon, where an animated John Kerry sings, "I'm an intellectual, you're [Bush] a stupid dumb-ass." Intended to be humorous, this satire accurately reflected the way the media portrayed the two candidates, and certainly the way the left wing cronies willed it. All this, however, is now complete hogwash. While cumulatively, Bush had a one point advantage over Kerry, Bush's high grades were well above Kerry's.

So Kerry had five D's, compared to Bush's one D, and Kerry's high grade was a 79 in a single course, compared Bush's high grade of 88 in three courses.

Who is the intellectual, and who is the dumbass? I don't think it's fair to say either. A one-point difference doesn't amount to much, and merely indicates that in their course of study at Yale, they were essentially equals. I would say that the public's perception of the two candidates, particularly in the area of intellect, were largely skewed by a mainstream media who wished to portray their preferred candidate in a flattering limelight.

You could argue that John Kerry was indeed a smart fellow, he did, after all, wait until after the election to release this information, and it would have been tough the forced Kerry supporters to try and finagle their way out that disaster.