Valedictorian Caught Cheating

A straight-A student at Assabet Valley Regional Vocational High School in Marlborough, Massachusetts just gave a speech at his high school graduation as one of the two class valedictorians. Imagine the shame that should be felt by the school, the community, and his family upon learning that said student cheated his way through school.

No, I'm not talking about crib sheets or other more traditional forms of cheating. Juliano Foleiss, as the Boston Globe describes him, is an "undocumented immigrant." Translation: Illegal Immigrant.

Young Juliano has been knowingly breaking the law, yet the Boston Globe expresses nothing by sympathy. Sympathy!

Classic immigrant story? Who are they kidding? More like a classic illegal immigrant story, though it's not so classic. Most illegal immigrants would not put forth the effort to be successful in this country. Quite frankly, I suspect that most legal immigrants may not either.

I feel no sympathy for this law breaking illegal immigrant. I could care less that he can't afford college here in America. If this kid is so smart, he should learn a little about the proper process of becoming a citizen, and do it the right way. Don't even think of whining to me, or some liberal rag newspaper for sympathy. Get the hell out of my country, and take your illegal immigrant family with you--after all, they been scheming to screw over Joe Massachusetts Taxpayer from the very beginning.

Their big plans included deceit and larceny. They have hidden their status as illegal and stolen from the taxpayers by receiving public education without paying a dime in taxes. His parents were committed to his education, but have no respect for the law. 5 years of stolen public education probably amounts to somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. Maybe even more. If someone like myself stole $20,000 from the state, I'd be arrested and put on trial. But in Juliano's case, he's rewarded with an education. His rewards don't end there. Fortunately for Juliano, unfortunately for other Massachusetts residents like myself, the state legislature is packed with pro-illegal immigrant liberals.

So, a middle class high school graduate (let's say a 4th generation American) from Iowa would have to pay $18,397 to go the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, but an illegal immigrant, who came to this country illegally, would only have to pay $9,278? This is what the liberal state legislature in Massachusetts wants?

I am sick and tired of this pro-law breaking mentality which is running rampant in this state, and this country. Shamefully and regrettably, it is becoming apparent that illegal immigrants have it made. They get the benefits of citizenship without the responsibilities of being a citizen. Myself, and the thousands of other law-abiding citizens of the Commonwealth, pay our taxes, contribute to our own health care, and give back to our communities by providing the services per our job descriptions. When I went to undergraduate school, outside Massachusetts in the state of Connecticut, I paid out of state tuition, with the help of scholarships and loans--loans I will begin paying back (with interest)after I complete my graduate studies in the state of Massachusetts. I use the skills I learned in school to provide a service to the people in the communities around me. I respect my community and my country by being a law abiding citizen. When I read stories about Juliano Foleiss and his family of law breakers, I get mad. Very, very mad. If Juliano wants to continue his education as an illegal immigrant, do it like the rest of the law breakers of this country: in prison.

This family of leeches from Brazil, and the countless other families ripping off the great states of this country, need to pack up their bags and get the hell out of this country. Get out, get out now--and don't come back until you show some respect for this country by entering the country legally.

Addendum: As concerns the duly noted information put forth in the comments section that the aforementioned subjects of this article allegedly paid taxes on their income; it does not obtain that this alters in any way the underlying facts. This individual and his parents entered the United States illegally, this by their own admission. As such, whatever they have supposedly done with regard to paying income taxes, which has not been verified, does not ameliorate the burden on the Massachusetts taxpayer. Additionally, while it is stated that they paid taxes on their income, what is not stated is what taxes did they pay and what proof was given therefor. Did they pay state and federal taxes? Did they pay every year since having entered the U.S. illegally, or is their desire to pay taxes a recent epiphany? Also, it is a violation of federal law to employ an illegal immigrant in the first instance.

In the final analysis the points raised in this article remain operative.