Texas Annexed By Mexico

Well, not quite. But it appears that Spanish-speaking folks and their willing accomplices in the liberal establishment are in the process of attempting to take back Texas from us one school district at a time.

At issue here is a proposal under consideration by the Dallas Public Schools to require that principals at schools with a majority Spanish-speaking student body be REQUIRED to learn Spanish:

I ask you, what's wrong with this picture? I don't have a problem with a principal learning to speak Spanish as a part of their continuing professional development -- in fact most principals have a few weeks right about now to do that if they please. But there is something positively ludicrous about requiring a principal who heads a school in a country where the primary language is English to learn Spanish in order to remain employed.

The problem here is not with the principals. It's with the "Hispanic Dallas moms" who find themselves "often in the dark about how their children are performing in school because they don't know English". It's time for these loafers to off their sorry asses and learn the official language of success in the country they've decided to make their home in. Would these folks be as accommodating of us were we to go to their country and demand that they speak our language in the schools? Hell no! But we don't find ourselves in this situation because we live in the land of opportunity here. You're not going to find a hell of a lot of Americans fleeing the United States for better opportunities in Mexico or anywhere in South America for that matter. Mexico and other countries south of our border however, have literally hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their countries for our land of opportunity. And if these folks are going seek opportunity in a country where the majority of us speak English, they damn well had better learn to speak English. If we don't start holding these folks accountable for learning the language of commerce, learning and success in this country, we will quickly find ourselves in the position of being foreigners in our own country as these Dallas principals may well be in short order.

As someone who has been in the hiring business for nearly two decades in a state with a steadily increasing Hispanic population, I can tell you that the immigrants who have the most success in our country are the ones who make it a priority to master the English language. I’ve hired young kids better than a decade ago who didn't speak a lick of English and as I have followed their progress, I've seen firsthand that those who make it a priority to learn English are the ones that succeed and move ahead in their jobs. The ones who don't either stay right where they are or move from low paying job to low-paying job, staying, at best, a step ahead of poverty. The opportunities are there, but these folks refuse to do what they have to access them -- no different than the mothers in the English-speaking Dallas school system who think that the school system should accommodate them because they refuse to learn English. This is the type of self-centered "you owe me" welfare mentality that will end up making most of these folks a drag on our society. These are the type of folks we DON'T need in this country.

A century or more ago, many of our ancestors came to America, the land of opportunity, because they saw a chance for a better life in the United States and they jumped at it. Many of them faced horrible discrimination and tremendous odds in trying to make it in a country where everyone spoke English while they spoke German or Italian or French or Norwegian. But they didn't whine and bitch about it and they didn't demand that we speak their language. They learned ENGLISH. And they succeeded. It's time we demanded that of these whiners in Dallas Texas.

As I said before, the solution to this problem is not to continue to accommodate those who refuse to do what they need to to help themselves access opportunity in this country. We need to dispense with all the political correctness surrounding this issue and once and for all, make English the official language of the United States of America. Steve King, a U.S. Congressman from Iowa introduced the English Unity Act of 2005 last month:

Amen, Congressman King.

King cites a 2004 Zogby poll which shows that 82% of Americans favor making English the official language of the U.S. He also cites a Gallup poll from four years ago that shows that 96% of Americans believe that it is important that immigrants living in the U.S. learn English.

Additionally, a study he cites bears out my personal experience:

Unfortunately, Texas doesn't have an English language law, which opens the door for the foolishness that is currently being contemplated in the Dallas Public Schools. And Texas isn't alone. In Iowa, which doesn't have an English language law either, an English-speaking girl was kicked out of her neighborhood school because she spoke English. There are literally thousands of programs in school districts and municipalities around the country that actively encourage those who refuse to learn English by actively enabling their unwillingness to do so. It's time to stop this nonsense. Make English the official language of our country, require its use in schools and other public venues and once and for all, recognize that one of the major keys to success in this country is learning English.