Mark Felt: A Hero For Doing What?

As discussed previously, the question of whether or not Mark Felt deserves to be called a "hero" versus the same query regarding Linda Tripp, often provokes the use of words about Tripp not fit to print and the opposite regarding Felt. Heck, according to Democrats Felt deserved a commendation worthy of Congress’s time. Sometimes the left wing is so boringly predictable.

If Mark Felt was heroic, the question is whether he was heroic for bringing down a president, or for bringing down a president (R)?

Patrick Buchanan, formerly a White House special consultant to President Richard Nixon from 1972 to 1974 and Nixon's senior adviser and speechwriter from 1969 to 1972, puts Mark Felt in his place, the same place the left wing media put Linda holds barred. As Mr. Buchanan points out, Mr. Felt's perceived heroism is because he brought down a Republican president--and not just any Republican president, but one "who was ending with honor a war into which the Liberal Establishment had plunged this country, and then cut and run when the body bags started coming home and their Ivy League kids started calling them names." For this, and other Nixon accomplishments, was why the left had to bring him down.

At the 2004 Republican National Convention, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger broke the unspoken rule. He invoked the name of President Richard Nixon, as if signaling to the rest of us that it is, in fact, okay to do so. And why not?

Indeed, they got away with it because the left wing media didn't report it (and not because they did not know)...and that there was no internet, no blogs, and lucky for them no Drudge Report (remember that MSM passed on the Monica Lewinsky story that Drudge later broke). Today, corrupt left wing politicians--past and present--are held in higher regard than clean-record, noble conservatives. And it is those kinds of conservatives that irritate the left the most; and the nobler the politician, the harder the left fights to bring them down. The left glamorizes their own deviants (be it murderer, former klansman, adulterer...) as heroes of their respective branch of government--and with plenty of help from the left wing media, who as of late have been losing their appeal in the eyes of the heart and soul of America.

Perhaps a debt of gratitude is owed to Mark Felt. It was his words, amplified by the liberal media parrots that yanked Richard Nixon from office. One could fairly speculate that this provided a subconscious wake up call to the nascent conservative media. With the technological advances in the decades following Watergate, new outlets for a much-needed conservative media were born. We can also thank Linda Tripp for helping the cause and providing modern conservatives with the proper ammunition to popularize up and coming media nodes. While there was still the overbearing presence of a liberal media to save Clinton's presidency, conservatives were at least successful in showing the world that democrats were no longer immune from their own corruption. Of course, the unpleasant side effects of this digging up of conspiracy are that now, no president or administration will be immune from conspiracy allegations--either true or untrue. The left continues, frantically, to find fault with President Bush and for reasons similar to why they wanted to bring down President Nixon. They hated that he was correctly (and constitutionally) proclaimed the victor in the 2000 election. They hated that his tax cuts brought the United States out of the recession he inherited (and the Democrats foolishly tried to blame on him). They hated that President Bush had record approval ratings after 9/11. They hated that President Bush put into action what his predecessor could not. They hated that he made the United States strong again. They hated that he signed legislation that would hinder the cruel practice of partial birth abortion. They hated that by his actions, the seed of democracy is spreading. They hated that he recognized the impending crash of Social Security, and proposed reform that could actually fix the problem. They hated these, and other campaign promises which were fulfilled by this morally superior president.

Their unsuccessful attempt to bring down President Bush as part of a vast concerted effort in 2004 was testament to their impending demise as a political party. Clinton's corruption occurred because he assumed he'd get away with it (as FDR, JFK and LBJ did, to name a few). He underestimated the emerging conservative media. By contrast, one can fairly assume that a Republican knows that he can not get away with it. The liberal media--though weak--is still a strong force that Republicans should remain wary of. With all these media microscopes, how can any president or other politician (democrat or republican) get away with anything? The answer is: they can't. Bill Clinton tried, and failed, but held on to his presidency nonetheless.

Should true corruption ever exist in post-2000 administrations, rest assured it will end much like that of Richard Nixon's. Those that don't share that fate were not the corrupt modules that the opposing media group portrayed them to be. Nothing is free of leaks, and minions of liberal and conservative media groups will fight to be the next Woodward and Bernstein. However unlikely this is, as the fear of being the next Richard Nixon should trump corruption of power.